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The Last Leaf Falls On The 4th Annual Free Tree Jamboree

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From its humble beginnings as a single day event in 2005 to this year’s nearly three month-long, multi-faceted celebration, David Bagwell Company’s Free Tree Jamboree has truly taken on a life of its own. Now comprised of a series of tree giveaways, public plantings and instructional experiences, as well as plenty of thought provoking commentary from Colleyville’s dendrologist developer, this 4th annual “Tree Jam” set the bar high for years to come.
It’s no coincidence that the Free Tree Jamboree kicked off in October, when both cooler temperatures and colorful foliage heralded the arrival of autumn in North Texas. Fall is an excellent time to plant trees, as their roots grow vigorously during winter months. What’s more, the vibrant display that many trees exhibit during this transitory season inevitably grabs our attention and rekindles our appreciation of them. So, what better time to encourage planting, enjoyment, and proper maintenance of trees proven stalwart and of beautiful aspect in the Eastern Cross Timbers?


The 2008 Tree Jam got off to an auspicious start at Glenhope Elementary School’s Fall Festival on October 4th where 350 small trees were distributed free to festival attendees.

Later that month, another Fall Festival incorporated a tree giveaway into its merriment. Held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the 250-year-old restored barn in the developer’s Whittier Heights neighborhood, the later saw over 300 participants take home small trees that were grown from seed by Bagwell landscape superintendent Taylor Steele.

Shifting gears, the Tree Jam traveled into uncharted territory on October 29 by hosting a local Cub Scout troop for a hands-on experience they won’t soon forget. Not only did these young men receive a learn-by-doing course in the ABCs of trees planting and care, they each walked away with a small tree so they could put into practice the knowledge they had come by on this memorable day.

In November, Bagwell and his Tree Jam team turned their attention to the City of Colleyville. They offered a munificence of trees and understory plants to supplement the City’s reforestation of segments of the pedestrian trail on the west and south sides of McPherson Park. Their thoughtfully orchestrated proposal included both large and small specimens of the following varieties: Possumhaw, Mexican Plum, Brodie Eastern Red Cedar, Compton Oak, Carolina Cherry Laurel, Post Oak, Eastern Persimmon, “Georgia Gem” Green Ash, Swamp White Oak, and Eastern Redbud. At present, the specifics and timing of the McPherson Park planting efforts, as well as other smaller scale projects at Colleyville City Hall and several area fire stations, are still being coordinated by the Bagwell Company and City representatives.

In December, events on GCISD campuses, a favorite recipient of Bagwell’s sylvan bounty, once again took precedence. At Grapevine High School, 18 matching Princeton American Elms were planted along the north side of the student parking lot. Working in conjunction with school district personnel and the PTSA, these 16-foot tall elms were commemorated in a brief ceremony on December 19th. Glenhope Elementary School, where this year’s Tree Jam commenced, is also slated to receive five winged elms and three shumard oaks to beautify and shade their playground area.

Finally, a number of individuals who requested small trees via the website are being presented a variety of native trees from Bagwell Company nursery in time to plant them before the New Year.

The 4th annual Free Tree Jamboree was the most ambitious and successful to date. Clearly, the David Bagwell Company believes in the power of trees. A source of beauty and life-giving oxygen, trees connect us to the Eternal and help to make a place a “Place”. Be on the lookout for information about the David Bagwell Company’s upcoming Arbor Day Give Away in April. And remember, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”