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Second Annual Colleyville Tree Jamboree A Huge Success


Bright and early on Saturday, June 10, hundreds of area residents began arriving at David Bagwell Company’s Whittier Heights neighborhood for the much anticipated, Second Annual Colleyville Tree Jamboree. Throughout the morning and on past noon, a steady stream of tree enthusiasts, ranging from the casual admirer to the would-be arborist, showed up to claim their small trees on what’s shaping up to be the city’s de facto Arbor Day.

“The response from the community was both overwhelming and gratifying,” commented developer, avid tree lover and event sponsor David Bagwell. “I’d estimate that upwards of 800 people attended this year’s Jamboree to claim over 1,200 trees. Thankfully, we were prepared for this large turnout, since over 600 individuals took advantage of pre-registration via our website and reserved a specific tree species for pick-up the day of the event.”

The species offered for free at the Tree Jamboree included: Shumard red oak, black oak, cherrybark oak, southern red oak, chinquapin oak, white oak, Compton oak, Heritage® oak, water tupelo, black tupelo, mockernut hickory, big shellbark hickory, pignut hickory, Brown’s hican, Lecont hican and american persimmon.


Sandy Rose of Shademasters, a registered consulting arborist, fielded questions and provided valuable instruction to attendees in terms of planting and care for the young trees. David Bagwell Company consulting tree expert, Susan Folkert, was also on hand to offer guidance and handle the tree distribution. Landscape Superintendent Taylor Steele and his crew, the unsung heroes of this event, performed a Spartan-like, non-stop tree relay to deliver the free trees to their new owners.


Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of the event was the patient and appreciative demeanor of the gathering throng. With lines stretching off into the horizon on the hot summer day, everyone was orderly and sociable as David Bagwell himself served the waiting crowd fresh squeezed lemonade and exchanged pleasantries.

“Each of us has happy memories of the day, I feel sure,” Bagwell submitted. “Many shared with me their plans for the little trees. One said it was to be planted in honor of a recently deceased uncle. A young husband said it was to commemorate the birth of a first child. Two different times middle aged adults said they were there to get trees for young adult children who have just built their first home. The recipients’ expressions of anticipation and appreciation were touching.


“Being a former child profoundly affected by a joint tree planting effort with my dad years ago, I was so gratified to see the many little children in attendance with their parents. By the time they got their tree and headed home, most showed the pleasure of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on their faces, shirts, and sticky fingers.”

Without question, the Second Annual Colleyville Tree Jamboree will be remembered for years to come, as its long lasting benefit to individuals and the community as a whole grows exponentially with each small specimen.