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Artistic expression is at the heart of these distinctive David Bagwell Company neighborhoods. Architects Robin McCaffrey and Eric Antrim have envisioned and helped realize neighborhood-identifying features inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and his student Faye Jones. Among them are a pergola over The Solidago Trail, the Westmont belvedere, Whittier Heights' lakeside pavilion, the 36-foot tall Whittier Heights spire, and of course, three spectacular entryways. Intricate stonework, stained glass, wrought iron, and thousands of handmade ceramic tiles have been employed to give these neighborhoods an enduring character that derives from authentic artistry.

Like gems on a necklace, Whittier Heights, Old Grove at Whittier Heights, and Westmont are strung on the three-mile Solidago Trail. This pathway winds through hill and dale, by lake and stream allowing pedestrians and bicyclers opportunity to exercise, socialize and experience the wonders of nature. And, thanks to aggressive and extensive tree planting and landscaping initiatives, nature does abound here. In Westmont, the 2,000 tree Millennium Grove commemorates the beginning of the 21st Century with an enduring demonstration of natural beauty. In Whittier Heights, over 5,000 trees are being planted along the grand entry drive, lining each street, in homeowners yards, and around the neighborhood's three lakes. This extensive planting carries over into Old Grove at Whittier Heights, where ancient wooded areas have been preserved and supplemented with native trees and understory shrubs that have attractive characteristics of seasonal color and support migratory and local bird life.