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Information Submittal Forms

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) of Leyton Grove, Westmont, Broughton, Whittier Heights and Old Grove require that information, which fully describes proposed improvements to the exterior of homes and all elements of landscaping, be submitted to the architectural control committees of those neighborhoods for their review and decision prior to implementation. In the construction industry, such information is generally described as “plans and specifications”.

 Information Submittal Forms
Roof Materials
Gutter, Downspout, And Related Materials

The CCRs call for this fully descriptive information to be supplied to the respective committees simultaneously rather than piecemeal and to be accompanied by a check in payment of the related committee review fee. (See the exhibit with schedule of review fees listed under "Aesthetic Standards" on each neighborhood's webpage.)

To facilitate owners' collection and provision of specifications for all proposed improvements, including refurbishing improvements previously made, the committees have devised forms that identify information typically needed for particular elements on the exterior of the house and in the landscaping, for example, masonry, roofing/gutters/downspouts, windows, garage doors, exterior light fixtures, play structures, etc., including post occupancy re-roofing, re-painting and re-staining, etc. These forms are not necessarily comprehensive of all information that a committee may require in particular circumstances. The person responsible for submitting specifications, along with required plans, should be concerned that the information they provide thoroughly explains proposed improvements or refurbishing, as though the work were already complete and a detailed written exposition of in-place construction was to be developed for the committee's understanding.

Plans and specifications for review, along with the related review fee in the form of a check, should be mailed to the respective committee at P.O. Box 1672, Colleyville, TX 76034. Questions may be addressed to acc@bagwellcompany.com