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What’s Invisible Is Seen In the Evocative Qualities of Timeless Neighborhoods.


2010 Arbor Day Give Away In Progress, 04/28/10

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Plant Trees, for Goodness Sake, 11/16/07

Nature’s Gestures, Extravagant in This Season, Invite Friendship, 11/11/07

Planting Trees Pays a Person Aplenty, 11/09/07

Developer’s Largesse Provides Remembered History and Sylvan Sense of Place, 11/02/07

The Zen and Tonic of Trees Offered Free to the Public, 11/02/07

Developer and Mother Nature Paint the Town Red (and Gamboge, Ochre, and Aubergine), 10/26/07

Ensemble Artists Harmonize Past and Present in Whittier Heights, 10/5/07

McPherson Park and Solidago Trail Afford Golden Opportunity for Recreation, 8/10/07

Beauty Is A Building Epidemic In Bagwell Neighborhoods, 7/27/07

Homeless Lot in Broughton Adopted by Colleyville Family, 7/13/07

“Surrey Manor” Echoes Edwin Lutyens’ Arts & Crafts Homes, 7/6/07

Ensemble Creates Timeless Treasures the Old-Fashioned Way, 6/29/07

An Ensemble Home by Any Other Name Is Not the Same, 6/22/07

Ensemble Harmonizes Fine Homes for an Appreciative Audience, 6/8/07

City Park Funding To Give Residents More Room To Roam, 11/21/06

November Tree Bonus Amplifies Nature’s Broadcast, 11/19/06

Bonus Offered to Buyers Who Move In Before Famous Couple, 11/12/06

Trees Color Homebuyers' Decisions, 11/05/06

Twice The Trees Entices Homebuyers, 10/29/06

Frost Helps Keep Frozen Music on Key in Colleyville, 9/24/06

The Results Are In, and the Ayes Have It, 9/10/06

The Results Are In, and the Eyes Have It, 9/03/06

Character Development is a Community-Wide Endeavor, 8/27/06

Ensemble Process Aspires To Transform Luxury Home Neighborhoods, 8/20/06

Ensemble Approach Outshines Lackluster Think System and Talkitecture, 8/13/06

Ensemble Reprises Virtuoso Performances of the Past, 8/06/06

Bagwell’s Ensemble Concept Designed To Stand The Test Of Time, 7/30/06

The Solidago Trail Is The New Gold Standard For Area Walking Paths, 7/14/06

Ensemble Concept Is Music To The Ears Of Luxury Home Market, 7/7/06

2nd Annual Colleyville Tree Jamboree A Huge Success, 6/15/06

Bagwell Company Invests In The Future, 6/14/06

Bagwell’s Free Tree Jamboree Taking Root, 6/2/06

Free Trees Offered at Colleyville Tree Jamboree June 10, 5/28/06

Colleyville Tree Jamboree Is Set for Saturday, June 10, 5/21/06

Public Invited To Barn Raising in Whittier Heights, 5/14/06

A Barn Raising Brings A Community Together, 5/14/06

Character Causes Topophilia Outbreak in Colleyville Neighborhoods 5/7/06

“It's A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood”, 4/30/06

Developer says, “Move in, then get out!”, 4/23/06

Neighborhood Edifying Features, 4/16/06

Cathedral-like Space Reveals Barn's Spiritual Roots 4/9/06

Barn Lends an Aspect of "Place", 4/2/06

New Skin for Old Bones of 1760 Barn, 3/26/06

"The Oldest Building in Tarrant County", 3/19/06

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Character And Charm, 11/20/05

Places Of The Heart, 11/13/05

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Write A Homebuilding Ballad, 9/11/05

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Patrons of Aesthetic Excellence, 9/4/05

Because Walter Pater Said So, 9/4/05

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Greater Than the Sum of the Parts, 8/21/05

Organic Architecture, 8/21/05

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Tapestry, 4/17/05

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Sense of Place, 3/27/05

Drive into Springtime, 3/20/05

At Home With Nature, 3/13/05

19th Century Giants, 2/6/05

Shady Deals, 1/30/05

Cary Clarke Grand Opening, 12/5/04

19th Century Inspiration, 12/5/04

The Flintstones, 10/31/04

Picturesque Neighborhoods, 10/24/04

Higher Standards, 10/17/04


Zeal for traditional architecture, authenticating details, and the accoutrements of fine homes distinguish neighborhoods of the David Bagwell Company. Respect bordering on reverence is accorded well-developed plans, which are accepted from only the area’s best designers. Building acumen and artisanship are manifest wherever one looks, as only builders with common commitment and capacity are permitted to build there.

Befitting these refined homes is an extraordinary neighborhood setting, each one comprised of unique features that engender a halcyon Sense of Place. Beauty abounds in broad open areas, lakes and streams, lovely vistas, native woods, pathways, trails, and trees.

If, as admirers say, trees are the signature element of David Bagwell Company communities, their hallmarks are neighborhood-identifying features, engaging elements like exclamation marks in recognition that “I’m home!” Among these fetching features are stone, steel, and stained glass entry monuments of Wrightian provenance, a 600 foot long vine covered pergola that’s almost perpetually in bloom, a hilltop belvedere overlooking eastern Colleyville, a 250 year old barn relocated from western New York and restored beside one of many neighborhood lakes, and the breath-taking Hadrian limestone Pavilion Nonpareil, locus of many wedding photos, special occasions, and intimate ceremonies.

And, there are the flowers. As with trees selected for their engaging spring, summer, fall, and, yes, winter aspect, the changing flower selections in natural settings, such as wildflowers cultivated along the Solidago Trail and in “Wild About Colleyville” patches, as well as ornamental flowers in formal entryway bed plantings, satisfy both the sensate and the spiritual search for beauty that virtually all share.

In the undistinguished subdivisions so common to our times, what’s invisible is also missing there. However, in developments of the David Bagwell Company, what’s invisible -- high aesthetic ideals and the talent and energy to achieve them -- is everywhere for one to see. These qualities are at the heart of the timeless, evocative neighborhood appeal of each one. Pay us a visit soon and see what’s invisible for yourself.

For more on David Bagwell Company’s neighborhood development philosophy and the practical applications thereof, please review our archive of published articles nearby. These commentaries provide insight into the way the David Bagwell Company seeks to create timeless neighborhoods.