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It’s a process…a process that synchronizes the work of artists engaged in fine homebuilding to better provide the picturesque qualities of the country’s venerated older residential areas. Performing as an ensemble, the developer, architects, homebuilders and subcontractors will concert their efforts as never before.

In our Ensemble collaboration, the land developer provides the concert hall, a neighborhood where genuine artists play to critical acclaim. Architects are the composers, and each homebuilder is a conductor, who directs musicians -- the subcontractors -- to brilliant performance of the composers’ works.

This altogether different approach implemented in all David Bagwell Company developments is a collaborative effort intended to expedite the start and completion of truly fine homes. Gifted architects provide a thoroughly developed set of house and landscape plans that resolve and explain all elements on the exterior of a home and lead construction, replacing the usual thin “builder set” of plans and heavy reliance on “talkitecture” at the job site.

Comprehensive standards, informed by stylistic distinctions explained in “A Field Guide to American Architecture”, guide design and building in David Bagwell Company developments. Both approved builders and homebuyers working with an approved builder may choose from the Ensemble portfolio of plans and specifications created specially for lots in our neighborhoods.

Homebuyers may also collaborate with approved designers and builders to create their own plan according to stylistic considerations described in the Ensemble plan book.

David Bagwell Company’s Architectural Control Committees evaluate plans homebuyers propose in light of our neighborhood objectives, and discuss how our standards influence the final aesthetic effect. Once we are in sync, we provide our standard lot contract that delineates each party’s responsibilities and the transactional details. We require a review fee, if the homebuyer does not select one of our Ensemble plans, as well as a 10% earnest money deposit that is applicable to the cost of the lot.

David Bagwell Company’s mission is to create picturesque neighborhoods with timeless and engaging qualities. Richly landscaped homes of evocative design and artful construction are fundamental to achieving that goal. We believe the Ensemble process will help us better achieve the aesthetically pleasing result we desire, and we welcome discerning builders and homebuyers to be a part of our Ensemble performance.

Interested to know more about authentic design and building?
Visit the Colleyville Public Library and check out “A Field Guide to American Houses” or one of these other books on architecture: “A Timeless Way of Building”, “Creating a New Old House”, “Dictionary of Architecture and Construction: Fourth Edition” or “Houses and Gardens of E.L. Lutens”.

Interested in having a home of character and distinction built for you in a David Bagwell Company neighborhood?
First, select an approved builder from our list and discuss your objectives and budget.  Then, meet with your builder and an approved designer about your house to consider architectural styles and develop a narrative statement of stylistic intent, which references the identifying features of the selected house style as described in A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester.  Then, schedule a meeting with the architectural control committee for yourself, your builder, and your designer to discuss the full design, plan approval, and construction process.  Or, consider the Ensemble Portfolio of house and landscape designs and specifications approved already for lots in David Bagwell Company neighborhoods.  Approved architectural styles include Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, Tudor, Prairie, Craftsman, Italian Renaissance, Spanish Eclectic, Postmedieval English, Georgian, Adam, Greek Revival and French Eclectic, as well as related vernacular styles such as Cotswold English cottage.  You may schedule an appointment with the developer and the architectural control committee to review your ideas and objectives by phone or email to 817-805-3822 or email to cindy@bagwellcompany.com.




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