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The aesthetic qualities of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods are intended to provide a distinctive Sense of Place. Achieving aesthetic excellence in neighborhood environs is a challenging enterprise. It is made so in part because, unlike medicine, law, education, and many other vocations, the homebuilding industry has few obligatory professional standards or continuing education requirements to elevate the quality of work. Consequently, least cost is all that many in the homebuilding industry have to offer. Yet, experience teaches us “the bitterness of poor quality outlasts the sweetness of low price.”

For quality assurance, Architectural Control Committees of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods have given their imprimatur to professionals whose work and personal commitment demonstrate that they are among the best in their trade. These exemplars comprise the Artisans Guild who exclusively may provide their services in David Bagwell Company neighborhoods.


Membership in the Artisans Guild is a privilege that is earned and may be forfeited. From time to time, the Architectural Control Committee refreshes Artisan Guild membership lists, based on performance review and newly discovered aesthetes who are sympathetic to the Committees’ ideals.