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Patrons of Aesthetic Excellence Find Rewards in David Bagwell Company Neighborhoods.

  Lots Available in Whittier Heights, Old Grove and Benedict Hill at Westmont Afford Scenic Views.

Recently, developer David Bagwell and a builder were admiring the view from the balcony of a $750,000 home that overlooks a lake in Bagwell's Whittier Heights neighborhood. It is one of ten the builder has under construction there and in Bagwell's adjacent Benedict Hill at Westmont neighborhood.

The sun was low at day's end, a breeze was blowing, and the panorama sensational: just right for collegial conversation.

As the builder described all the work he has to do, Bagwell recognized that he was attributing some of it to him and deflected, "Are you bragging or complaining?" The builder responded, "Bragging, of course, but some people complain it's too hard to build in your neighborhoods." Bagwell suggested the builder's success belies that. Recalling the athletic distinction of his customer's recent past, he continued "You know better than I: 'no pain no gain.' Of course, if people don't value the aesthetic qualities that our guidelines achieve, they are going to complain about the effort required."

Homebuilding in David Bagwell Company developments is informed by guidelines for design, materials, craftsmanship, and landscaping that seek architectural excellence in every home. Bagwell's goal is a picturesque neighborhood with timeless qualities and "sense of place".

"Our guidelines require that people begin with the end in mind," he says. "For most people, building a luxury home is a dream. Our guidelines help them face reality. With the right architect and builder, the one becomes the other."

See the value of homes built according to David Bagwell Company guidelines in a trio of neighborhoods on McDonwell School Road in northwest Colleyville. For more information, call Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754 or go to www.bagwellcompany.com.


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