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Leyton Grove Is a Perfect Fit for Bespoke V Fine Homes.

  Bespoke V Fine Homes Are Tailor Made in Colleyville's Fashionable Leyton Grove Neighborhood

The English use the word "bespoke" when describing things that are custom made, especially finely tailored clothing. The term is also useful for describing the work and distinction of V Fine Homes in Colleyville.

"We tailor luxury homes for buyers seeking the comfort of traditional design, rich materials and proper fit," explains V Fine Homes President Patrick Towle. He elucidates further, "We measure a family's proportion, consider their penchant for formal or casual, counsel on stylistic distinctions, and then lay out alternatives for them to consider. Once the pattern and materials are selected, we undertake a process akin to creating a suit of fine clothing."

Towle brings to his role as haberdasher for V Fine Homes the skills of a master tailor acquired through years of apprenticeship. The result is a unique, bespoke garment of exceptional quality. He says, "When a customer's dreams are mirrored in the home we build, our effort, experience and 'passion for perfect' are reflected as well."

In the bespoke vein, Towle's business partner, Rob Sell, draws another parallel between fine home building and fine tailoring. He notes the significance of the store and district in which a suit of fine clothes is tailored. "V Fine Homes' 'boutique' is Leyton Grove off Colleyville's 'Savile Row' of fine homes, Montclair Drive," Sell asserts. "The same ambiance of excellence one feels upon stepping into the Savile Row shop of Thomas Mahon, Kilgore French Stanbury, or Welsh & Jeffries is felt by discerning buyers upon entering Leyton Grove. Tree-lined streets, lavishly embellished common areas, and architecturally significance homes already present there convey to luxury homebuyers that this is the place where the custom built home they seek can be found."

For more information on V Fine Homes and Leyton Grove, call 817/737-7733 or visit www.bagwellcompany.com


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