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In architecture, aspiration is the seed of inspiration and distinction is its flower.

  Historically significant homes with porches make a congenial gesture to neighbors walking about in David Bagwell Company developments.

In 1923, developers J.P. Stephenson and F.N. Drane hired architect David Williams to plan property for which they had high aesthetic aspirations. Williams' inspired concept of homes facing one another across common open space resulted in the venerated Greenway Parks neighborhood of Dallas.

About this time, Fort Worth architects Joseph Patterson, James Teague, Joseph Pelich, and John Staub were designing Period Style homes in the Westover Hills development of Lloyd McKee, Wyatt Hedrick and T.O. Baker, which are still revered for their evocative qualities today.

Earlier, developers John Broad, David Bomar and Morris Berney had chosen prominent Fort Worth architects Sanguinet and Staats to design the clubhouse of the exclusive River Crest Country Club community they envisioned west of downtown. During the 1920's and 30's, Sanguinet & Staats, John Staub, Wiley Clarkson and Chicago architects David Adler and Henry Dangler designed historically significant homes around the golf course for prominent Fort Worth citizens.

Meanwhile, developer John Armstrong hired landscape architects Wilbur David Cook of Beverly Hills and George Kessler of Kansas City to lay out property he owned overlooking downtown Dallas. Today, it is the much-admired Town of Highland Park.

The inspiration of their architects allowed these North Texas developers to achieve the lofty aesthetic goals to which they aspired. What they sowed 80 years ago still flowers, establishing that the pleasing fragrance of true art lasts long after the bloom is off low cost and quick move-in enabled by mediocre design.

In Colleyville, distinctive residential developments by the David Bagwell Company bear the imprint of architects Robin McCaffrey and Tary Arterburn. Each demonstrates the power of inspired architecture in achieving the picturesque neighborhood aspect of a bygone era.

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