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In Leyton Grove, Details Bespeak V Fine Homes.

  Colleyville's Leyton Grove provides the appropriate setting for the timeless character of V Fine Homes.

In fine homebuilding, it is self-evident that details make the difference. However, luxury homebuyers often ask which ones and how? V Fine Homes responds that process and perspective are the key to differentiation and paramount in achieving lasting satisfaction for clients.

Principal Rob Sell says his company begins by exploring clients' design criteria. "Whether first focused on the spatial characteristics of their new home or what they wish it to express, clients initiate a collaborative process in which we both follow and lead. Knowledge of our craft, years of experience and what we call 'passion for perfect' heightens our sensitivity to what clients feel, as well as what they speak."

V Fine Homes custom builds and also offers homes for sale in Colleyville's much-admired Leyton Grove neighborhood. This builder's stylistic instinct is for Period Homes, the defining forms, materials and craftsmanship of which comfortably fulfill their clients' desires. "There is an artful order in the architecture of period style homes," President Patrick Towle explains. "Whether of rural English, Continental, Mediterranean, or American Colonial linage, the character of period style homes that we freshly interpret sustains a warm and satisfying aesthetic response. These styles also afford opportunity for opulent expression of good taste through proportion, texture, and fine workmanship."

Livability is the ultimate test of success in luxury homebuilding. Period style homes accommodate today's lifestyles through their historic reliance on fewer, larger and more free-flowing rooms that homeowners cherish. Sell says that family dynamics dictate use, and use dictates design and décor. "Happily, the forms of period style homes, which we recognize from the grand old neighborhoods of our memory, allow us to realize the room count, size, and relationship that today's families require."

For more details, call V Fine Homes at 817/737-3377 and see the Leyton Grove page at www.bagwellcompany.com


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