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V Fine Homes Orchestrates Masterworks for Homebuyers in Leyton Grove.

  Maestros Michael Dike, Rob Sell and Patrick Towle conduct the masterworks of V Fine Homes in Colleyville's Leyton Grove luxury home neighborhood.

Opus, in the lexicon of music, is a creative piece numbered to designate its place among a composer's body of work. Beethoven had 138 such numbered pieces.

Opus is also a useful way to think of the eight creative works to be presented in Leyton Grove by V Fine Homes' maestros, Patrick Towle, Rob Sell and Michael Dike.

The enchanting motif of V Fine Homes' Leyton Grove Opus No. 1 succeeds through polyphony (or individual harmonizing melodies). In this particular work, the counterpoint of 17th Century Amsterdam Urban Dutch and Hudson River Colonial Dutch architectural styles resonate beautifully. Their duet blends the voice of an ornamental gable centered in the front facade, which characterizes Amsterdam Urban Dutch architecture, with the identifying flared eaves and rustic stone construction of Hudson River Colonial Dutch.

Just as its architectural styles blend melodiously, Harmony (or the pleasing combination of tones played together in the background as a melody is played) is further achieved in this luxury home through proper proportion and the rhythmic interplay of facade materials. Chopped limestone is juxtaposed with smooth quoin surrounds at arched windows. An ornate cast iron railing freshly interprets the high center window element of Amsterdam Urban Dutch architecture.

A landscape ensemble provides a supporting chorus of layered shrubbery, perennial and annual flowers, groundcover, and specimen trees which subtly color the mood and overall tone of the home.

The whole is performed grazioso (or with grace). The effect is exceptionally lovely.

Encore performances of V Fine Homes Opus No. 1 are given daily in Leyton Grove off Montclair Drive in Colleyville, and seven other V Fine Homes masterworks will soon debut in this flagship David Bagwell Company neighborhood. For information, call 817/737-7733 or visit www.bagwellcompany.com


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