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Begin with the end in mind: write a homebuilding ballad.

  David Bagwell Company standards achieve aesthetic appeal and create venues for friendly relations.

It's said that an architect is a poet who thinks in construction. It's an apt metaphor, but it leaves unanswered what kind of poetry an architect writes.

Colleyville developer David Bagwell has a picturesque vision for his neighborhoods, a lovely aspect "pretty as a picture". To ensure the evocative architecture essential to this scene, aesthetic standards of each neighborhood describe the kind of poetry that architects should write.

Haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry comprised of only three lines. A ballad is a narrative song with a recurrent refrain. An epic is a narrative too, but it's a long and ponderous poem written in elevated language.

Most residential developments accept from architects a thin plan set like a haiku poem. In David Bagwell Company neighborhoods, plans more like a ballad are called for, but not a narrative of epic proportions.

Luxury homebuilding can be understood as progressing from evaluation of where to build through rough schematic design, interior finish considerations, budgeting, final construction documents, engaging the builder, construction, and landscaping. To achieve Bagwell's aesthetic ends, architectural control committees of his neighborhoods adopt standards for final construction documents and landscape plans. They must be sufficiently detailed so that the committees may know in advance the outcome of each homebuilding project. In this way, homes begin with the end in mind, and builders and architects share responsibility for authenticating critical stylistic qualities of historic designs. Builders and homebuyers who share Bagwell's vision select architects with the skills to create drawings that achieve this picture perfect ideal.

See the poetry of homes designed and built with benefit of forethought in picturesque Whittier Heights, Old Grove and Benedict Hill at Westmont on McDonwell School Road in Colleyville. For information, call Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754 or go online to www.bagwellcompany.com


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