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V Fine Homes, A Welcome Addition to Colleyville's Leyton Grove.

  V Fine Homes principals and David Bagwell meet in Leyton Grove's Pavilion Nonpareil to seal their historic alliance.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ in a picturesque neighborhood like Leyton Grove,” offered Patrick Towle, President of V Fine Homes, in explaining his decision to buy the last lots in Colleyville’s premier Leyton Grove development. "The beautiful, well-crafted homes there reflect orderly historic precedents. This is key to the appeal of Leyton Grove, whose palpable ‘sense of place' is understood strolling its tree-lined streets."

To achieve this picturesque effect, Leyton Grove developer David Bagwell emphasizes well-conceived plans that authentically depict classic architectural styles. “In subdivisions where anything goes, there's a widow’s cruse of Castlettes and McMansions, exaggerated homes without architectural roots. They reflect the false economy of builders opting for a thin plan set that aesthetically untrained subcontractors must use to mediate the architectural result. ‘Eclectic’ is the euphemism applied to the stylistic outcome, but really ‘mongrel’ is more apt.

“In contrast, homebuilding in Leyton Grove proceeds from a peer review process of design, materials and fixtures. Enriched by authentic craftsmanship and ample landscaping, the result is a compelling neighborhood aspect and enduring value, what we call ‘timeless’. We are grateful that like-minded designers, builders and tradesmen have given their best to Leyton Grove and that homebuyers have embraced what they created.

“Now comes V Fine Homes with great inspiration and insight, in step with John Ruskin’s admonition in The Seven Lamps of Architecture, ‘When we build, let us think that we build for ever.  Let it not be for the present delight, nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for.’”

Leyton Grove is a 48-lot cloister of million dollar homes in the heart of Colleyville off Montclair Drive. For more information, call V Fine Homes at 817/737-3377 or visit www.bagwellcompany.com

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