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High Aesthetic Aspirations Enhance Quality of Life

  Frank Lloyd Wright is writ large on Whittier Heights' entry vista with stained glass, stone, and bronze fountain scuppers.

Developer David Bagwell attributes the success of his neighborhoods in northwest Colleyville to lofty ideals.

"Philosopher Simone Weil wrote that 'To be rooted is perhaps the most important need of the human soul. A human being has roots by virtue of his real, active, and natural participation in the life of a community'. Our aesthetic efforts in Whittier Heights, Benedict Hill at Westmont, and Old Grove are intended to enhance quality of life and encourage community, so that residents become 'placed', as novelist Wallace Stegner would say, and put down roots."

Mesa Design Group architects Tary Arterburn and Robin McCaffrey applied Frank Lloyd Wright's philosophy of "organic architecture" in master planning and detailing elements of the interconnected neighborhoods. By "organic architecture", Wright meant that design should determine "form by way of the nature of materials”.

Although houses throughout Bagwell's communities depict the evocative styles of period homes with nostalgic resonance, one sees in neighborhood defining features Frank Lloyd Wright's "organic" influence. The old master is revealed in stone and steel entry monuments, a vine-covered pergola, a hillside belvedere, and ornaments like a wind harp, backlit stained glass, handmade tiles, and a 36-foot tall spire that is resplendent with nighttime color.

Visual vitality in these picturesque neighborhoods is achieved through design and materials standards for the $500,000+ homes built there. Among them are standards encouraging porches that gesture warmly to neighbors enjoying the pedestrian experience on sidewalks and pathways throughout the neighborhood. These are venues where neighbors may casually engage one another and in turn foster friendships and close relations, the foundation of lasting communities.

For more information on these timeless neighborhoods, visit www.bagwellcompany.com or call Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754.

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