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Bagwell’s Free Tree Jamboree Taking Root In Second Year

  Colleyville developer David Bagwell provides large trees to his customers and offers seedlings and a planting kit free to the public at the second Colleyville Tree Jamboree.

For 15 years, Harvard-trained Roger Swain, known as “The Man in the Red Suspenders,” was the host of “The Victory Garden” on PBS. He is currently science editor of Horticulture magazine. Swain once observed, “People in suburbia see trees differently than foresters do. They cherish every one...You are talking about a personal asset, a friend, a monument, not about board feet of lumber.”

Ask Colleyville developer David Bagwell, whose residential developments abound with transplanted trees provided free to homebuyers. He will tell you the same.

“It’s gratifying to find so many friends of trees in our neighborhood development work,” Bagwell acknowledges. “In this era of two or more sides to every subject and so little common ground about any one, we’ve found something that virtually everyone shares. It’s the desire to live in the midst of beautiful trees. People want them in their yards and in the neighborhood common areas where they go for exercise and to enjoy nature.”

Bagwell’s colleague Susan Folkert, heralded as “The Premier Specimen Tree Source in North Texas”, and Landscape Superintendent Taylor Steele suffuse his developments with native trees and highly adaptable trees from the Southeastern U.S. Because they are unlikely to survive if planted when they are large, Steele must grow many native trees from seed. Post oaks and black hickories are prime examples. Other desirable trees, like scarlet oaks, cherrybark oaks, and hicans (a natural cross of pecan and hickory), are difficult to find and are almost exclusively by mail order, because they too do not transplant well except as seedlings.

Beginning at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 10, Bagwell is making a broad selection of specially selected small trees available to the public at the Colleyville Tree Jamboree in his Whittier Heights neighborhood off of McDonwell School Road. Tree expert Sandy Rose of Shademasters, a registered consulting arborist, will be available for answering questions and to participate in discussions. There will also be live bluegrass music, fresh squeezed lemonade, and on-going restoration work at a nearby 250-year-old barn being refurbished as a neighborhood center. The public is welcome.

While they last, each household may select up to three trees of their choice. Each will come with a planting kit consisting of a Tree Shelter™; a hardwood stake to support the shelter; a high quality, two-year slow release fertilizer tab; and planting instructions.

For additional information, click here or call Meredith Matlock at 817/540-5500, ext. 2.

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