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Public Invited To Barn Raising in Whittier Heights.

  Join us in Whittier Heights on Saturday, May 20 to see the timbers of a 250 year old barn raised.

Barns are said to be silent reminders of our country’s agrarian past. However, the sounds of sawing, hammering, hollerin’ and the festivities associated with raising a 250 year old New World Dutch Barn in Colleyville will echo for years in those who attend. The public is invited to Whittier Heights, a luxury home neighborhood off McDonwell School Road, throughout Saturday, May 20 to see the rare goings on and enjoy live Bluegrass music and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Hospitality and celebration have always accompanied a barn raising, an event once as eagerly anticipated as a wedding in a farming community. All able-bodied members of a community attended. The women provided water and food, while the men did the heavy lifting. Children watched. Boys fetched parts and tools.

As in the old days, preparatory work at Whittier Heights began long before the raising set for next Saturday. The site has been prepared, concrete beams and piers poured, and foundation stones from an Ohio barn circa 1850 set in place around the perimeter. Sill beams cut from old growth cypress trees downed by last summer’s Gulf Coast hurricanes have been milled and placed on top of the foundation stones, and floor joists and 2" x 10" tongue and grove jointed cypress flooring has been laid.

The huge timbers of the frame come from a New World Dutch Barn built around 1760 in the Mohawk River Valley of western New York state. The barn has been disassembled, the beams and posts cleaned, and these structural parts brought to Whittier Heights where some reassembly on the ground has already begun.

Barn raising work starts early, but late arrivers can still get an eyeful of workers high up in the rafters guiding placement of timbers and wielding large mallets to drive home oak pegs that secure the tenons of beams in the mortised posts.

Once restored, the Whittier Heights barn will be provided a large terrace, from which a panoramic view of the adjacent lake may be enjoyed. Whittier Heights’ homeowners and their guests will use the restored barn on formal and informal occasions. Its enduring character furthers the goal of Whittier Heights and neighboring Old Grove and Westmont to provide venues for social as well as solitary experiences that will be richly remembered in days to come.

For further information, contact Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754 or click here.


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