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Homebuyers Take A Shine To Colleyville Neighborhood Still in Early Stages of Development.

  Craftsman Exemplar Jack Carr practices his trade at the entry to Colleyville’s Broughton neighborhood.

About his Broughton neighborhood in Colleyville, developer David Bagwell says, “All that glitters is not told, and all that glitters is not sold.”

"Early in a development, much of its luster cannot be seen," he says. “Still, our new Broughton neighborhood in Colleyville has caught the public's eye, even as we are burnishing it with what we call ‘Neighborhood Identifying Features’. The semi-circular arbor structure under construction at the Broughton entry has architectural steel elements that have required special, time-consuming fabrication. And, the matching Nuttal Oaks that will stand like sentinels in front of the arbor have just now been located.”

Broughton is characterized by nostalgic design features not often found today. The landmark entry employs rich and rare elements, including a red/brown brick with subtle undertones of purple and amber. Belton Brick Company representative Rafael Villalta describes his company as the foremost brick manufacturer in the country. The Broughton brick has been used on only three other high profile real estate projects in North Texas: the Bank One Tower in Downtown Fort Worth, the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and a retail building in the new Frisco Square.

Also rare is the artisanship of the Broughton entry. Lyndon Craig, owner of Hardscape Construction Specialists, who was employed by Bagwell to build the elaborate entry, says “Only an old pro like Jack Carr has the skill, the patience, and love of his craft to achieve what Mesa Design Group conceived. ‘The devil is in the details’ sure fits this job, but Jack got it right.”

Extensive tree planting characterizes all David Bagwell Company developments. In Broughton especially, tree planting augments the neighborhood experience. Each cul de sac is set opposite a street that loops around a center Green, allowing the street trees of both to be perfectly aligned. The visual impact of this symmetry is stunning.

Each combination of cul-de-sac and looping street has been provided street trees with special characteristics, among them a pleasing summer aspect and beautiful fall color. In time, they can be expected to overarch the streets beside which they are planted.

Premier specimen tree source Susan Folkert has found magnolias in Alabama, maples and white oaks in Georgia, and red oaks from here in Texas for the Broughton streets. In addition, Bagwell provides at no extra cost large trees for owners’ front and back yards.

“Already,” he says, “fifteen families have bought a home or are having one built in Broughton. But, ‘All that glitters is not sold’. Mike Roque Custom Homes, Michael O. Browning Custom Homes, Talisman Homes, and Westgate Properties are offering new homes on prime lots that back or face onto open space. The very best in luxury homes from $600,000 is found in Broughton, where we believe the collaborative efforts of these builders and our development team will dazzle and please homebuyers.”

See Broughton for yourself in the heart of Colleyville on Hall-Johnson Road between Colleyville Boulevard and Pool Road. For more information, contact Susan Folkert or visit www.bagwellcompany.com


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