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Bagwell's Broughton Draws Inspiration from the Country's Most Beloved Neighborhoods.

  Broughton's quiet family-oriented street system limits
through-traffic, preserves areas of lush open space and encourages community among residents.

What's old is new again at David Bagwell Company's Broughton development in Colleyville.

"Our goal is creating communities with timeless character and charm. We pursue a vision of refined homes in a setting enriched by classic planning techniques and what we call 'Neighborhood Defining Features'," Bagwell says.

He elaborated, "Properly proportioned, unexaggerated, and artfully rendered homes epitomize our developments. Regrettably, some luxury homebuilding has branched off toward what critics call the "McMansion", a rather tasteless house 'with everything on it' offered at the lowest possible price and 'cooked up fast' without regard for the resulting sacrifice in quality. But, we've stayed the course, emphasizing designs with historic reference, rich materials, elegant fixtures, genuine craftsmanship, and luxuriant landscaping.

"In addition, we invest in each development special qualities that are prized by homebuyers but hard to find these days. They are the elements of the country's venerated old residential areas that evoke nostalgic reassurance and aesthetic satisfaction essential to a recognizable Sense of Place."

Such qualities abound throughout Broughton. From the richly detailed brick entry arbors to the old-fashioned roundabout with towering maples at the summit of Broughton Drive, there's a halcyon feeling about the place. Every home is located on a cul de sac or short looping street making Broughton especially pedestrian-friendly. Guidelines encourage venues for developing close relations among neighbors. Homes with porches or verandahs face onto "Greens", while homes on cul de sacs back to landscaped "Commons".

The developer's signature tree planting program is another distinguishing feature of Broughton. Each cul de sac is set opposite a street that loops around a center Green, allowing the street trees of both to be perfectly aligned. The visual impact of this symmetry is stunning.

Each combination of cul-de-sac and looping street has been provided street trees with special characteristics, among them a pleasing summer aspect and beautiful fall color. In time, they can be expected to overarch the streets beside which they are planted. Broughton Drive in the center of the development is lined with Shumard Red Oaks. The stalwart Eastern White Oak was chosen for Arrington Green and Arrington Court. Stratton Green and Stratton Court have Urbanite Ash, and Red Maples are planted along Camden Green and Camden Court. The stately Overcup Oak lines Grosvenor Green, Grosvenor Court, and Burnham Circle. In addition, each homesite is graced with specimen trees planted by the developer at no additional cost to homebuyers. Enframing the entire development is a burgeoning forest of Southern pines and hardwoods.

The umbrageous effect of large trees is a fundamental aspect of the distinguished neighborhoods that inspired Broughton: Mariemont near Cincinnati, Guilford and Roland Park in Baltimore, River Oaks in Houston, and Greenway Parks in Dallas. Each of these fine old neighborhoods has received historic designation, an honor to which Colleyville's lovely Broughton neighborhood may one day lay claim.

The $600,000+ fine homes of Broughton are located on Hall-Johnson Road between Colleyville Boulevard and Pool Road. For more information, visit www.bagwellcompany.com or call Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754.


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