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A Trio of Colleyville Neighborhoods Offer Residents Ample Opportunity to Commune with Nature.

  Strolling or biking the three-mile Solidago Trail in David Bagwell Company’s northeast Colleyville developments delights the senses.

"Nature comes home to a person most when that person is at home," American essayist John Burroughs wrote in 1886. "…One's own landscape comes, in time, to be a sort of outlying part of himself… he is sensitive to the verge of the horizon: cut those trees, he bleeds; mar those hills, he suffers."

In Colleyville, a trio of contiguous residential developments offers homes with a landscape setting like that about which Burroughs often rhapsodized.

In Birds and Poets, he said, "... when I go to the woods or fields, or ascend to the hilltop, I do not seem to be gazing upon beauty at all but to be breathing it like the air. I am not dazzled or astonished. I am in no hurry lest it be gone… I am not a spectator of but a participator in it."

In order to afford a similar participatory experience to residents of Whittier Heights, Old Grove at Whittier Heights, and Benedict Hill at Westmont, Colleyville developer David Bagwell has preserved and enhanced the abundance of Nature that was found there. As a result, homeowners may amble beside six lakes and two flowing creeks, gaze at wide vistas from atop Benedict Hill, and find Nature's plenty on shaded walks through remnants of the ancient Eastern Cross Timbers.

A system of trails and walks provide intimate access to the natural features found in each of these neighborhoods. This shared system is anchored by the three-mile long Solidago Trail. Passing among tall trees, beside running tributaries of Big Bear Creek and under the fragrant vine-covered Reverchon Pergola, it offers sojourners exciting glimpses of wildlife, the solace of quiet woods, and the pleasurable sight of seasonal hues. Indeed, the sheer breadth of natural beauty found here, and the ease of access to it, will surely become an endless source of enjoyment, interaction and inspiration for residents. As John Burroughs so eloquently expressed, "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."

In this idyllic setting, select builders offer artisan quality homes from $450K. Many back, front or side to Nature areas. Each is enriched by the developer's Free to a Good Home tree planting initiative. Guidelines encourage homes with verandahs or terraces in front to foster conviviality among residents of these pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. Further, neighborhood identifying features -- fountains, spires, a pergola, a lakeside pavilion, the belvedere atop Benedict Hill and monuments of stone, stained glass and tile -- accent the sense of place that one experiences when there is harmony of home and habitat.

See for yourself in northwest Colleyville on McDonwell School Road between Westcoat and Precinct Line Road, or visit www.bagwellcompany.com. For prices and lot availability, call Marketing Representative Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754.


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