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The Zen and Tonic of Trees Offered Free to the Public

  David Bagwell Company employees shuttled over 1,500 small trees to an appreciative crowd at last year’s Free Tree Jamboree.

Literally translated, “Zen” means “contemplation”, but Zen has to do more with enlightenment and how one acquires it.

From contemplation, Joyce Kilmer, Henry David Thoreau, Shel Silverstein, and J. Sterling Morton uniquely expressed enlightenment they received about trees and humans’ relationship to them. 

We recall from school days poet Kilmer having written, “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.”

In Walking, Thoreau emphasizes our spiritual nexus with nature.  He said, “A town is saved not more by the righteous men in it than by the woods and swamps that surround it.”

In The Giving Tree, Silverstein makes poignantly clear how critical is stewardship of our bond with trees. 

Colleyville residential developer David Bagwell says these gifted writers are not more insightful than the rest of us.  “We know these things.  They merely remind us.”  He adds, “They need not be more expressive than us either.  The mere planting of a tree articulates the universal wisdom of which they speak and we know.” 

Through Bagwell’s beneficence, a chorus of enlightened expression about trees will be heard again this year and echo into the future.  His company’s annual Free Tree Jamboree, now underway, has grown to a four-day event that takes place on Saturday mornings through November 17.  Each day of the event the public may receive two small trees that, with proper care, will provide their planters many years of pleasure.  Some are native trees grown from seed collected by Taylor Steele, David Bagwell Company Landscape Superintendent, and his conscientious crew.  Others are non-native trees proven by experience to thrive in the soils of the Eastern Cross Timbers, if not in the alkaline soils of Dallas and Fort Worth.

“The cultivation of trees is the cultivation of the good, the beautiful, and the ennobling in man,” proclaimed J. Sterling Morton, co-founder of Arbor Day. Bagwell invites those who reverence trees to ‘Speak their mind’ too by planting and caring for his free trees, for their own satisfaction and for posterity too. 

Details of this year’s Free Tree Jamboree may be found at bagwellcompany.com

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