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Can’t Get No Satisfaction?  Plant Trees, for Goodness Sake

  Stewardship of the environment is pan-generational, and positive actions like tree planting are a joy to share with loved ones.

Scientists have joined the pursuit of happiness, investigating the paradox at the heart of our lives: When people become richer, they don’t become happier. 

According to research of renowned economist Richard Layard, we aren’t happier today than sixty years ago, despite average incomes having more than doubled since 1950 and even though we have more food, clothes, and cars; bigger houses; a shorter work week; more holidays; and better health.

Psychiatrist Gregory Berns explains that bliss doesn’t follow accumulation because happiness is more about satisfaction than pleasure.  “Satisfaction is an emotion that captures the human need to impart meaning to one’s activities,” Bern says.

Bioethics professor Dr. Stephen Post is pioneering “The Science of Good Deeds”. His research shows that people who help others, even in small ways, feel happiest and enjoy better lifelong physical and mental health. 

300 years ago, theologian Thomas Fuller wrote, “He that plants a tree loves others beside himself.”  Modern science knows the ecological, if not the aesthetic, benefit.  A mature tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year, and a typical acre of trees stores 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide annually. 

A helper’s high is available to the public tomorrow, the last day of the David Bagwell Company’s Free Tree Jamboree.  Conduct your own research.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Visit bagwellcompany.com for details.

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