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Bonus Offered to Buyers Who Move In Before Famous Couple

  “Average home prices in our area are on the rise,” developer David Bagwell says. “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter will soon be moving into North Texas, and November finds Colleyville developer David Bagwell preparing for their arrival. As a result, new homebuyers in his neighborhoods are enjoying an especially warm reception with twice as much to show for getting there first.

Bagwell explains, “Each year, we stock our on-site nurseries with many beautiful trees and specimen shrubbery bought from growers across the South, and before the onset of winter, we plant them in yards of new homebuyers and in common areas of our neighborhoods. Due to construction delays, this year we find ourselves with more of these extraordinary materials on hand than usual. So, we are offering to essentially double what we normally provide to buyers of new homes in our neighborhoods during the month of November.”

Bagwell’s surfeit of trees is a bonanza for those who act before the end of the month to buy a new home in one of his neighborhoods. Each builder with a home ready for immediate occupancy is passing out coupons that their buyer can redeem for $3,500.00 worth of landscape trees and shrubbery in addition to the already generous provision of free trees for which Bagwell’s neighborhoods are well-known.

“These are substantial, ultra-high quality trees, most unavailable at any price locally,” Bagwell says. “Colleyville, unlike its big city neighbors to the east and west, has acid soil like that of the Great Southern Forest. So we can grow trees that you find in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Charlotte. Because we have planted thousands of trees throughout Northeast Tarrant County over the past two decades, we have determined which will thrive here and reward individual owners and the neighborhood as a whole for many years to come. For example, garden expert Howard Garrett says in his guide “Plants of the Metroplex”, ‘pin oak will not survive here’. Yet, there are many, many examples of healthy pin oak in Colleyville. This time of year they are conspicuous, with some of the most beautiful fall color there is. We buy these and many other varieties of beautiful Southern trees and, while they last, provide them free of charge to new homeowners. The effect of these trees on our neighborhoods is truly transformational. They are, without question, a major part of our effort to create better places to live. Simply drive through our more established Leyton Grove and Westmont neighborhoods in the next few days to see the autumnal splendor ahead for our newer Broughton, Whittier Heights, and Old Grove communities, where we are planting over 7,000 trees in yards and common areas.”

Builders in David Bagwell Company neighborhoods with homes for immediate sale are: Custom Design Homes, Patrick Custom Homes, Peyton-Thomas Homes, SJW Construction, Telasha Homes, Cary Clarke Homes, JPK Builders, Dream Homes, and Talisman Homes.

Interested buyers should contact the developer at 214-368-7711 for details about the species and number of trees available, or call Cindy Brazil at 817-805-3822 for sales information.

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