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Planting Trees Pays a Person Aplenty

  A father at last year’s Free Tree Jamboree sets out to show his son returns realized on time invested in nature.

“Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you,” urges Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard in regard to investing time in nature.  At the David Bagwell Company’s Free Tree Jamboree in Colleyville, the public receives starter capital that yields a substantial return on such an investment.  

Bagwell grows thousands of trees for planting throughout his neighborhoods and provides thousands more free to the public.  On Saturday, November 10, varieties of White Oak will be given away, including three of Bagwell’s favorites.  “Eastern White Oak, Swamp White Oak, and Swamp Chestnut Oak are among the grandest in the forest, offering the eye appeal of broad canopies, beautiful seasonal color, and muscular branching structure,” Bagwell affirms.

Local nurseries don’t sell most trees that Bagwell grows, because they require acidic soils lacking in Dallas and Fort Worth.  But, in the Eastern Cross Timbers, where Colleyville is located, Bagwell’s trees thrive.        

He says, “No doubt, it pays to plant.  The Arbor Day Foundation claims trees increase a home’s value 15% or more.  Shade from trees planted around a house also reduces air-conditioning costs.  As a capitalist, I am attracted to the return on investment in tree planting.  But, money considerations pale compared to the spiritual return on time invested in planting, nurturing, and admiring trees throughout the four seasons.”

Visit bagwellcompany.com for details on the Free Tree Jamboree and David Bagwell Company neighborhoods.

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