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Colleyville Neighborhoods of the David Bagwell Company Convey a Distinctive Character and Sense of Place.

  Custom Homes That Freshly Interpret Traditional Designs Are Available in Colleyville from $450,000.

Remember the Flintstones? Ever notice how Fred passed the same scenery again and again as he drove around Bedrock? New residential developments can have the same repetitious feeling of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. In contrast to that are the Colleyville neighborhoods of the David Bagwell Company, each with a distinctive personality and sense of place.

In the beginning, special thought is given to each neighborhood's identity. "Whittier Heights" is named for 19th Century New England poet John Greenleaf Whittier, known for his love of nature and humankind. Streets recall themes of Whittier's poems and the poems themselves. "Old Grove at Whittier Heights" bespeaks the large areas of native forest kept undeveloped for residents to enjoy. "Benedict Hill" is part of the larger Westmont development. Its name acknowledges the pioneer Colleyville family whose hilltop home place overlooked much of northeast Tarrant County. Extensive preservation and wetland restoration has been undertaken in Westmont, where streets honor men and women naturalists throughout American history.

Like gems on a necklace, Whittier Heights, Old Grove at Whittier Heights, and Benedict Hill at Westmont are strung on the three-mile Solidago Trail. This pathway winds through hill and dale, by lake and stream allowing pedestrians and bicyclers opportunity to exercise and experience nature.

The cornerstone of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods is collaboration with builders who share the developer's commitment to traditional architecture, genuine craftsmanship, and complementary landscaping. In each development, guidelines lead the design of homes. Exaggerated architectural statements are not to be found. Instead, the evocative style of the Arts & Crafts movement, English and French country themes, classic Mediterranean and English Tudor designs, and other freshly interpreted historical archetypes harmonize the homes in our neighborhoods and afford a timeless quality.

Each David Bagwell Company neighborhood is elaborated with architectural landmarks, such as the Benedict Hill belvedere, the Solidago Trail pergola, and the 36-foot tall Whittier Heights spire lighted at night with over 80 color combinations. Intricate stonework, stained glass, wrought iron, and thousands of handmade ceramic tiles have been employed to give these neighborhoods substance and an enduring character that derives from authentic artistry.

Extensive tree planting is the signature aspect of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods, where each home has an address on a tree-lined street. In Westmont, the 2,000 tree Millennium Grove commemorates the beginning of the 21st Century with an enduring demonstration of natural beauty. In Whittier Heights, over 5,000 trees are being planted along the grand entry drive, lining each street, in front and rear yards of homeowners, and around the neighborhood's three lakes. This extensive planting carries over into Old Grove at Whittier Heights, where ancient wooded areas and waterways are also being supplemented with native trees and understory shrubs that have attractive characteristics of seasonal color and support migratory and local bird life. Even butterflies are given their due in the developer's "Wild About Colleyville" wildflower seeding initiatives.

Drive McDonwell School Road in Colleyville soon to see these three neighborhoods that offer the best in aesthetic appeal.

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