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David Bagwell Communities Are Distinguished by Character and Charm.

  Large Oklahoma "Hacket" boulders encircling a portion of the belvedere base will serve both as entry steps and informal seating.

Developer David Bagwell believes the beauty of the neighborhood in which we live is as important as the beauty of the home in which we dwell. With this in mind, the David Bagwell Company is devoted to creating neighborhoods of timeless appeal and enduring value, each with enriching character and a palpable "sense of place".

Development sites are chosen for their natural attributes. Through careful planning, hilltops, native woods, lakes and flowing creeks are preserved and made accessible to residents in private parks and common areas. Through the developer's extensive planting initiatives, each home is given an address on a tree-lined street, and thousands more trees are planted throughout the neighborhoods and in the yards of homeowners at no additional cost to them. In such a setting, homes of traditional architectural styles give these neighborhoods a rare aesthetic quality that enriches its owners and is admired within the community at large.

To provide special neighborhood identity, David Bagwell Company developments are also embellished with grand features of unique design and uncommon artisanship. In a private seven acre hilltop park serving Westmont, Old Grove and Whittier Heights, a belvedere is under way that is magnificent in scale, design and materials. Conceived as a gathering place for small and large groups alike, this pavilion has been sited to allow long views into the distant horizon. The promontory on which it sits also displays the drama of its monumental form to those who see it from afar.

Exactingly structural engineering has been employed in the design of the roof that establishes the round form of the belvedere. Twenty cantilevered steel arms radiate from the center of the structure and are kept in alignment by a compression ring that provides the needed strength to elevate the outreaching arms. Hidden within the roof structure and along the base of the perimeter wall are small lights to give the belvedere a soft glow at night.

A series of evenly spaced wood members positioned in a starburst or geometric-floral pattern overlay the cantilevered steel arms. In conjunction with the large native trees nearby, this latticework will provide light shade throughout the day. Still, the overhead canopy is open enough to allow star-gazing on clear nights.

The walls of the belvedere will be finely crafted Oklahoma 'Hackett' stone that complements the native soil and stone formations nearby. Finely set horizontal stone bands and hand-made colored tile insets, like those at the entries of the Westmont, Old Grove and Whittier Heights neighborhoods, evince attention to subtle detailing similar to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Although the work and details of Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects associated with the Arts and Crafts movement inspire the design and detailing of the belvedere, it also has qualities of WPA structures and monuments found in many national and state parks. As these features enrich the experience of those who enjoy the outdoors there, so too will this splendid belvedere enhance the experience of living in Westmont, Old Grove and Whittier Heights.


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