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If Beauty Is an Acquired Taste, Where Does One Acquire It?

  This Spanish Revival villa was freshly interpreted by Peyton-Thomas Homes in the style of revered Florida architect Addison Mizner.

Recent research described in Psychological Science journal suggests that our sense of beauty, rather than being innate, is largely the product of our environment. Researchers found that our ideas of beauty come from averaging together that with which we are most familiar.

The David Bagwell Company’s Colleyville neighborhoods appeal to luxury homebuyers whose idea of beauty is informed by classic considerations rather than mere imitation or competitive excess.

Architect Robin McCaffrey explains the work of David Bagwell Company architectural control committees on which he serves, "Human understanding is both intellectual and subliminal. Those who find beauty in historic archetypes are responding more from subliminal appreciation of the whole than intellectual identification of component parts, and so it is subliminal disappointment they feel when their new luxury home lacks the enriching stylistic qualities that their hearts sought."

"Many new luxury homes are a collection of vague images, the blandness of which their builders attempt to overcome through ornamenting with meaningless geegaws. The underlying principle of our guidelines is that house plans must rise above the level of a cartoon, or oversimplified representation of the home, and become more of a portrait of it. In this way, architecture rather than "talkitecture" guides construction of the home."

"We require that plans express contextual aspects of the historic archetype the owner has selected, so that the attributes and functionality of materials, the technique and limitations of craftsmanship, and the construction technology of the originating era are more than alluded to in the design."

"In a picturesque neighborhood of such authenticated homes, owners are connected at that emotional level where we see beauty, comprehend community, and hold all of our notions of 'the good life'".

For more information about the David Bagwell Company's classic Colleyville developments, call Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754 or go to www.bagwellcompany.com

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