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Forest of Forethought Ablaze in Colleyville .

  Homebuyers in David Bagwell Company neighborhoods receive trees with beautiful fall color from the developer at no additional cost.

Colleyville has it all over Fort Worth and Dallas when it comes to Fall color. That's because the soils of the Eastern Cross Timbers, where Colleyville is located, nurture varieties of trees ablaze with color each fall that simply won't grow in the prairie soils of its big city siblings.

The David Bagwell Company makes the most of this ecological opportunity by planting thousands of trees throughout Colleyville. The developer believes, as did 19th Century naturalist Henry David Thoreau, that "A town is saved, not more by the righteous men in it than by the woods that surround it".

In the company's Broughton neighborhood, each street is lined with a different variety of tree, allowing Mother Nature to put on an extended show of color each fall in this pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

Nearby, Leyton Grove has become locally famous for its entry allee lined with 'October Glory' maples and hundreds of other transplanted trees that enliven the neighborhood each fall.

Over 10,000 trees are being planted in Westmont, Whittier Heights and Old Grove, most with special fall colors of crimson, amber, red and orange.

And, Bagwell, his partner Dale Crane, and their colleague Susan Folkert recently met with local school officials to arrange more tree donations for campus beautification.

The David Bagwell Company landscape crew maintains two nurseries and plants trees in yards of homebuyers at no additional cost to them. Ms. Folkert stocks the nurseries with specimen trees acquired from Southern tree farms, and Landscape Superintendent Taylor Steele grows 1000 or so hard-to-find native trees from seed the landscape crew collects each fall.

Throughout October and November, prospective homebuyers are invited to experience the special visual qualities of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods in Colleyville. For more information, contact Susan Folkert at 214/673-6754 or go on-line to www.bagwellcompany.com.

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