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Select Builders Offer Timeless Designs in Picturesque, Colleyville Communities of the David Bagwell Company.

  An Idyllic Setting Is Enjoyed by This TRS Custom Home in Benedict Hill at Westmont.

In Colleyville, the art of fine homebuilding and neighborhood development is flourishing. Standards are particularly high in developments of the David Bagwell Company, where builders and the developer are collaborating to create timeless communities of custom built homes.

David Bagwell Company neighborhoods embody the highest standards in development and new home construction. Homebuyers will find a restoration of the old qualities forgotten in many suburban communities. Quiet curving and hilly streets, creeks and lakes, open space areas, preservation of natural areas, and refinements in the landscaping and on the exterior of homes give these neighborhoods character and create a palpable sense of place.

Homes are built according to design, materials and craftsmanship guidelines intended to give the developments a distinguished and enduring aesthetic appeal. Because concepts of style and character are essential to developing a sense of neighborhood quality, graciousness and elegance, exterior designs follow only traditional architectural motifs, the great popularity of which attests to their evocative power.

In contrast to subdivisions that permit "off the shelf" house plans without regard for the qualities of specific building sites, David Bagwell Company neighborhoods focus on design opportunities to make residences responsive to their particular surroundings. Careful site planning and architectural design provide homes with views of specially enhanced landscape and encourage use of front yard space as a place of social activity. Meanwhile, neighborhood landscape themes provide focal points within a system of extensive tree planting which afford a gracious setting for each home.

As a result of builders' forethought and aspiration for excellence, each home is a masterpiece and a tribute to its builder's imagination and artistic skills.

Many Homes in David Bagwell Company Developments Face, Back or Side to Natural Areas.  

Characteristic of David Bagwell Company developments are neighborhood defining elements, such as belvederes, pergolas, trails, preservation of natural areas, extensive tree planting, rich landscape lighting, and, of course, spectacular entryways. Under way in one of the neighborhoods' private parks is a hilltop pavilion of grand proportions and refined design. Being built from a blend of Oklahoma field stone, it will feature a complex latticework and architectural steel cover. At night, special lighting will enrich the environment of both those who gather in the pavilion and those who admire it from afar.

The David Bagwell Company’s unique approach to neighborhood development can be seen in the adjacent communities of Whittier Heights, Old Grove at Whittier Heights and Benedict Hill at Westmont. Offering homes from around $450,000 to over $600,000, each neighborhood enjoys the aesthetic qualities long associated with David Bagwell Company developments at price points not recently available. A variety of floor plans and architectural styles are available to meet the differing tastes of homebuyers, while interior appointments provide the luxury, convenience and beauty that today's uncompromising buyers seek.

Keller ISD schools serve these three picturesque developments, with a new Keller ISD elementary school within walking distance opening next Fall.

For more information, visit www.bagwellcompany.com or travel McDonwell School Road between Precinct Line Road and Westcoat Road in Colleyville where these lovely neighborhoods are located.

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