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The Results Are In, and the Eyes Have It

  Neighbors enjoy an evening together in Whittier Heights.

The adage “the eyes are windows to the soul” suggests that through them we may see into the inner person. But, the eyes are also windows through which the inner person looks upon the world, and what he or she sees profoundly influences their quality of life.

“Beauty seen is never lost,” poet John Greenleaf Whittier observed. Taking this to heart, Colleyville developer David Bagwell and his colleagues make the pursuit of neighborhood beauty a daily focus. Consequently, for owners in his developments, there is much to see.

Of Whittier Heights, Heath Bates relates, “We looked at a lot of other subdivisions. But, when you come into this one, you can tell more thought and planning went into it, from the rock walls and the entry spire to ponds and trees. You just can’t go elsewhere and get these trees, the ones that are 20 feet tall. They’re six or eight year old trees. In five years, you’re going to see a big difference.”

Manifestations of beauty in each Bagwell Company neighborhood invite homeowners to be outdoors enjoying one another’s company. “My wife Kara and I go walking through the neighborhood every day,” Bates says. “I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t see somebody out running or pushing their child in a stroller. The smaller streets and the quaint homes with front porches add a cozy, neighborly feel. There’s a lot more social interaction between homeowners. Going out on the front porch and talking to other people, it’s great. It’s like our own little town.”

Another Whittier Heights homeowner, Mary Ellen Roberts, sees the same qualities of community. “The moment you drive into the neighborhood, you sense that there’s a lot going on here in the way of planting, in the way of amenities, and that there’s somebody here that cares. But, you don’t truly appreciate all the amenities until you live here and experience the camaraderie. That’s the icing on the cake.

“The front porch for us is really neat. We see all the landscaping. We see people. And, we enjoy getting to know the other people who are out on their porches when we’re walking past. There’s a connection here I haven’t felt in a long time in a neighborhood. I hope never to move. I want to stay here forever.”

Don Perfect, a resident of Broughton, asks, “Is it normal to know 80% of your neighbors in the first month? I don’t think so. But, it’s certainly the case here in Broughton. The neighborhood just feels open and inviting. People are out a lot getting to know one another…visiting and enjoying the shade trees already. We have really mature landscaping for such a new neighborhood.”

The physical and social beauty homeowners see in their neighborhoods says as much about them as it does about his company’s efforts, Bagwell believes. “Those who look for beauty, find it,” he says and invites homebuyers who seek this quality of life to call 817/540-5500.

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