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Ensemble Approach Outshines Lackluster Think System and Talkitecture

  Defining features like the Westmont belvedere attract an appreciative audience to Bagwell Company neighborhoods.

In “The Music Man”, grifter Harold Hill arrives in early 20th century River City, Iowa and persuades the good people there that he will create a marching band led by 76 trombones to keep their kids out of trouble and make the town proud. In reality, “Professor” Hill intends to sell instruments and uniforms, then hop a train and leave them with gear they don’t know how to use.

Hill is actually just a fast talker with no music credentials. He enthralls the credulous parents with preposterous claims about his “Think System”, whereby children need only imagine how to play. His scam fails and irate River Citizens are about to tar and feather him, when the uniformed children show up and play a cacophony of marching tunes according to the “Think System”. The townspeople are thrilled, however, because it’s their children’s cacophony, and the ending suggests that they live happily ever after.

In the real world, an approach like the specious “Think System” is often employed in homebuilding, even in so-called luxury home subdivisions. Unwitting buyers are sold the nonsense that lovely homes can be simply thought into being using a thin “builder set” of plans and “talkitecture” at the job site each day. But, in the end, the townspeople are not thrilled, and the neighborhood is lackluster ever after.

Colleyville developer David Bagwell is one of those critical of this pandemic, and he’s concerting the efforts of design and building professionals to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

“In our Ensemble collaboration”, he explains figuratively, “The land developer provides the concert hall, a neighborhood where genuine artists play to critical acclaim. Architects are the composers, and each homebuilder is a conductor, who directs musicians -- the subcontractors -- to brilliant performance of the composers’ works.”

Comprehensive standards, informed by stylistic distinctions explained in “A Field Guide to American Architecture”, guide design and building in Bagwell’s developments. Both approved builders and homebuyers working with an approved builder may choose from Bagwell's portfolio of plans and specifications created specially for lots in his neighborhoods.

Homebuyers may also collaborate with approved designers and builders to create their own plan according to stylistic considerations described in this book. “We evaluate plans homebuyers propose in light of our neighborhood objectives,” Bagwell says, “And discuss how our standards influence the final aesthetic effect. Once we are in sync, we provide our standard lot contract that delineates each party’s responsibilities and the transactional details. We require a review fee, if the homebuyer does not select one of our Ensemble plans, as well as a 10% earnest money deposit that is applicable to the cost of the lot.

“My mission is creating picturesque neighborhoods with timeless and engaging qualities. Richly landscaped homes of evocative design and artful construction are fundamental to achieving that goal. We welcome discerning builders and homebuyers to our concert halls for an Ensemble performance.”

Availability of lots and prices are provided upon request. Call the David Bagwell Company at 817/540-5500, extension 1.

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