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McPherson Park and Solidago Trail Afford Golden Opportunity for Recreation

  Among the many people, plants and wildlife one meets on The Solidago Trail is solidago itself, the native goldenrod that emblazons North Texas each fall.

We love poets and philosophers for their uncommon perceptions that give us pause to consider. “The ball I threw while playing in the park has not yet reached the ground,” Dylan Thomas wrote in Should Lanterns Shine.

Thomas would revel in the recreational opportunities afforded by Colleyville’s McPherson Park. Bounded on three sides by David Bagwell Company neighborhoods Benedict Hill at Westmont, Old Grove, and Whittier Heights, this nearly-completed city park features ball fields, soccer fields, athletic courts, picnic areas and large pavilions, as well as walking paths that connect with the Solidago Trail that already encircles the aforementioned neighborhoods. Completing the circuit of the 3-mile Solidago Trail, these paths open a “whole” (as “solidago” means in Latin) new world of walking, jogging, biking, or nature watching experiences to nearby residents.

“Colleyville is known for its friendly atmosphere,” David Bagwell Company associate Cindy Brazil says. “A walk to McPherson Park is likely to provide a new and interesting experience every time. It’s a wonderful venue for making acquaintances, as well as happenstance meetings with old friends. There’s true beauty wherever one turns. Lovely vistas, wildlife sightings, native trees and wildflowers, and of course those happy sensations of sun on the skin and a cooling breeze are more common and enjoyable out in the open than almost anywhere else.”

“The City compels a substantial park fee from neighborhood developers,” Bagwell remarked. “We have paid in more than $300,000 from Westmont, Old Grove, and Whittier Heights alone. Our homeowners and I are grateful that the current City leadership took it out of the bank and put it to work, not only for our immediate properties, but also for other Colleyville citizens who will find their way to McPherson Park and the Solidago Trail.”

Bagwell’s company sponsors annual “Wild About Colleyville” wildflower planting that is a feast for the eyes along the Solidago Trail. One of the plant species sewn each year is the native Goldenrod, the scientific name of which is “solidago”. Several varieties, from large to small, show off their brilliant yellow color each fall.

“I may live in Dallas, but my office and my heart are in Colleyville,” Bagwell says. “I expect to be on the Solidago Trail with my dogs a lot this fall once McPherson Park opens, and I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. You never know what you’ll discover while traversing the Solidago Trail. Perhaps the fragrant blooming vines of the Westmont Pergola that overarches the trail will engage your olfactory senses? Maybe the sight of bluebirds, as wintered over with us last year, or a glimpse of a Great Blue Herron fishing for dinner in one of the ponds will beckon you to pause for a moment of ornithological delight? Many happy memories of things experienced along the Solidago Trail come to mind. Watching a cedar waxwing building a nest. Happening upon a neon dazzler dragonfly hovering over the flowing creek. Being regaled by the stories of others experiences on the Trail, including an unexpected encounter with an owl, welcome visits from migrating ducks, and the tranquil beauty of turtles sunning on a rock. And, of course, conversing with my friends Mary Kay, Lujean, the Cipermans, the Bates, and so many more, who are regular Trail walkers. I relish these moments of serendipity that give us pause, and am thrilled at the prospect of others sharing similar experiences in McPherson Park and on the Solidago Trail in the future.”

According to the City of Colleyville website, McPherson Park was originally scheduled to open to the public Summer 2007. However, Colleyville Parks Superintendent Chuck Majors says that no grand opening date has been set, nor would he speculate as to when the park would officially open. He cites the unusually large amount of rainfall Colleyville received in the spring and early summer of this year as the cause of the delay.

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