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Beauty Is A Building Epidemic In Bagwell Neighborhoods

  David Haley designed “Acadiana”, a five-bedroom French Colonial style home overlooking woods and water in Old Grove, for Ensemble Builders Guild member Randy Ivey.

Pioneering New England architect Mary Otis Stevens understood that everything in the environment is connected. She taught her protégés that beautiful design in a neighborhood leads to even more beautiful design, as each new home sets a higher standard. She also saw that, as beauty emerges in neighborhoods, it spreads to the whole community. In short, beauty is contagious.

Developer David Bagwell believes architectural beauty is spread by contact with artists like those involved in his company’s Ensemble initiative, a departure from today’s often-haphazard luxury home design and construction process. Ensemble is a collaboration of exceptional designers, artisan builders and Bagwell associate Cindy Brazil, who facilitates house and landscape plans according to buyers’ criteria and the norms of the style they choose. Architecture patron Bagwell provides her services at no cost to lot buyers and also pays the costs of design.

The Ensemble process starts with lot selection. Ms. Brazil reviews the advantages of available lots with prospective buyers and helps them decide which best fits their needs and aspirations.

Next, she helps them select a builder from among the Ensemble Builders Guild. Ms. Brazil says, “Our objective of creating beautiful places to live is embraced by members of the Ensemble Builders Guild.”

After a lot and an Ensemble builder have been chosen, prospective homeowners select one of the notable house and landscape architects approved for Bagwell neighborhoods and commission plans especially for them. Or, they may select from pre-approved Ensemble designs and material specifications. Whichever route to aesthetic excellence is chosen, the result is a one-of-a-kind home.

“Architectural beauty is spreading in Colleyville,” Bagwell says. “Although some areas of town are affected more than others, and tract home developments seem to be immune. The authors of What NOT to Build: Do’s and Don’ts of Exterior Home Design observe that ‘Many modern homes incorporate incorrect design elements that appear out of place, usually affecting the street elevation of the house in a negative manner.

“The reason for the visual discord, they say, is that many designers today have no training in what they do. In our Ensemble collaboration, on the other hand, trained and experienced professionals, who know better than to make the mistakes elaborated in What NOT to Build, coordinate their efforts to harmonize beautiful homes and thus evocative neighborhood appeal.”

Ms. Brazil points to the transforming power of beauty. “Folk artist Jewel says in her song, ‘If we are surrounded by beauty, someday we will become what we see.’ Harvard aesthetics professor Elaine Scarry Farrar believes that experience with beauty acquaints us with so pleasurable a mental state that we seek enduring sources of it and are even willing ‘to revise one’s own location to place oneself in the path of beauty.’”

The David Bagwell Company offers neighborhoods distinguished by lovely homes and a richly enhanced environment. Those who would revise their location to enter the realm of such pleasance may contact Cindy Brazil at 817/805-3822 for additional information.

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