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Homeless Lot in Broughton Adopted by Colleyville Family

  The elegant “Boshell Cottage” is an engaging example of the efficacy and upshot of Bagwell’s Ensemble collaboration.

Except for nearby trees and wildflowers, the lot was all alone until Shelley and Robert Bobrowski fell in love with it and started the Ensemble adoption process. Soon, it will be part of a happy family and have a lovely Ensemble home of its own.

Ensemble is the name given to the unique process whereby homes of architectural substance are created in David Bagwell Company communities according to buyers’ criteria and the norms of the style they choose. The process is facilitated by Bagwell’s associate Cindy Brazil, a former homebuilder.

The Ensemble process starts with lot selection. Ms. Brazil helps prospective buyers consider the advantages of available lots and decide which best fits their needs and aspirations.

Next, she helps them select a builder from among the elite Ensemble Builders Guild, a group of proven general contractors dedicated to a higher aesthetic standard achieved through deference to historical precedent and time-honored craftsmanship.

Ms. Brazil says, “Our objective is creating beautiful places to live. We share that goal with members of the Ensemble Builders Guild.”

Bagwell adds, “Some builders are merely motivated by profit. Being artists at heart, however, members of the Ensemble Builders Guild richly imbue their homes with character. Instinctively, they avoid the excesses of “muscle houses” found elsewhere. No doubt, more builders qualify for membership in the Ensemble Builders Guild than we yet know, and we welcome others.”

Once a lot and an Ensemble builder have been selected, the prospective homeowners choose from among the notable house and landscape architects approved for Bagwell neighborhoods and have plans specially drawn for them. Or, they may select from pre-approved Ensemble home designs, landscape plans, and material specifications. Whichever route to aesthetic excellence is chosen, the result is a one-of-a-kind home.

Designer Chris Hough of 3rd Dimension Design was chosen for the Bobrowski home in Broughton. He, builder Burke Barclay, Ms. Brazil, and the Bobrowskis have collaborated to translate their needs and aspirations into the picturesque Boshell Cottage, named for an English family that dates to the time of the Norman Conquest. It is in the manner of Arts & Crafts homes of the late 19th Century designed by famous English architect Edwin Lutyens. The layout takes full advantage of the attributes of the lot, especially areas with extensive tree planting.

Ms. Brazil says of this lovely home and the Ensemble process, “It’s gratifying to see the outcome of talented people who combine to realize a uniquely beautiful home. Thanks to their hard work, there will soon be another happy homecoming in a David Bagwell Company neighborhood.”

Bagwell’s unique Ensemble approach isn’t limited to the end user. Members of the Ensemble Builders Guild may also work with Ms. Brazil to select a designer to create house and landscape plans for a speculative home in one of the company’s six distinctive Colleyville neighborhoods.

For more information on the Ensemble design and building collaboration, contact Cindy Brazil at 817/805-3822.

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