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Ensemble Concept Is Music To The Ears Of Luxury Home Market

  Whittier Heights Lot 22/A is the site of the first Ensemble design of architect Robin McCaffrey..

July 7, 2006 - The David Bagwell Company is seeking, through a new collaborative effort with colleagues and customers, to better provide in its new luxury home neighborhoods the picturesque qualities of the country’s venerated old residential areas.

David Bagwell likens this new, more proactive approach to harmonizing the work of like-minded planners, architects and builders to the interplay of a musical ensemble. Just as a well-rehearsed group of musicians can be expected to give an inspired performance, if provided a classic score and a splendid hall in which to play, Bagwell asserts that accomplished builders will create more pleasing places to live, when provided artfully drawn plans and a lovely neighborhood setting in which to work. His new Ensemble concept not only blends the talents of building professionals, but also effectively preempts the cacophony one senses in new home subdivisions developed without similar orchestration.

“People respond to beautiful music that genuine artists perform together. In luxury homebuilding, however, not everyone is willing to concert their efforts to realize such a pleasing aesthetic outcome,” Bagwell says. “Though, ultimately homebuyers that seek only the best in fine home design and construction will be content only in a neighborhood designed, constructed and occupied by those of like mind. Our Ensemble approach is for those who embrace the virtue of collaborative effort.”

Bagwell elaborates, “In order to achieve the compelling visual aspect of timeless neighborhoods, we are requiring that architects, who are a part of the Ensemble, first create a streetscape and then concentrate on the details of the individual houses. In this way, the homes of a block may be harmonized. Select homebuilders, in turn, perform the ‘music’ written specially for them and their talents.”

Speculative homes with the Ensemble imprimatur will follow the same design and construction criteria that apply to lots previously sold for custom homes and for speculative building in David Bagwell Company developments. Effective July 1, however, Ensemble architects and designers will begin devoting advance attention to these aesthetic details. For example, rather than merely offering lots for sale whereby a speculative builder must hire a designer to create house and landscape plans, builders may now choose from a portfolio of homes on lots with definitive Ensemble house designs, materials, fixtures, and landscaping already fully resolved. Although this approach principally accommodates the speculative builder, homebuyers may also choose an Ensemble plan with lot and customize the interior of the house and non-public yard areas.

The David Bagwell Company continues to provide lots for homes custom-built according to plans drawn by approved designers, who are now being asked to play an even greater role throughout the pre-construction and the construction phases. Homebuyers still receive free landscape trees, for which David Bagwell Company neighborhoods are renown. And, beginning July 1, new buyers will also receive special care from The Gardenwright, a new horticultural initiative introduced along with the Ensemble concept.

For additional information, call 817/540-5500, ext. 5 or go online to www.bagwellcompany.com

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