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Ensemble Creates Timeless Treasures the Old-Fashioned Way

  "The Rosberg Rustication" reflects the colleagial efforts of Birmingham, Alabama designer David Haley, builder Burke Barclay of HB Custom Homes, and Cindy Brazil of the David Bagwell Company.

In his classic essay, “The Seven Lamps of Architecture”, 19th century philosopher John Ruskin observed, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Ruskin’s words ring true over a century and a half later with regard to the forthcoming Ensemble home design, "The Rosberg Rustication", an amalgam of these essential elements. The inspired professionals working together on this Federal style home in Colleyville’s Old Grove neighborhood are second generation builder Burke Barclay, 30-year veteran designer David Haley, and former luxury home builder, now David Bagwell Company associate, Cindy Brazil.

“‘Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort,’ Ms. Brazil quotes Ruskin. “‘The Rosberg Rustication’ will be an enduring reminder of this truth.

“Its provenance is a 1920s design of architect Christian F. Rosberg,” she continues. “The four bedroom home with three living areas derives its appeal from its subtlety. There’s a place for crashing cymbals in the symphony, but quieter blending of parts produces the melodious strains that listeners cherish about the classics. The same is true in residential architecture. Ensemble homes impress with proper proportion, time-honored craftsmanship, and architectural restraint, rather than the bombast of ‘Old World’ castlettes.”

For instance, rustication is a classic architectural technique that creates lines by cutting or shaping masonry. Like its predecessor, Haley’s design rusticates the first level by insetting a horizontal row of brick headers between each six courses of running bond. The evocative effect calls for special craftsmanship and attention to detail that Ruskin adjured and Barclay enjoys.

Haley’s design has also provided two covered social venues on the front of the house. A veranda suitable for open-air meals is accessible from both the dining room and the morning room, while on the opposite front corner is a broad porch onto which the study opens and overlooks a flower garden enclosed by a low wall.

"The Rosberg Rustication" will back to a broad area being reforested as part of David Bagwell Company’s 7,000-tree planting initiative in Old Grove and adjacent Westmont and Whittier Heights. Owners in these neighborhoods enjoy access to the two-mile long Solidago Trail that courses around and through them. The adjacent McPherson Park also offers recreational opportunities.

“In appearance and use, ‘The Rosberg Rustication’ harkens to halcyon times known to the heart but not often offered by builders these days,” Ms. Brazil avows. “We are developing whole neighborhoods of these warm and friendly homes for buyers who discern their lasting qualities and comfortable fit.”

Homebuyers and speculative builders may select from Ensemble home designs, landscape plans, and specifications pre-approved by the neighborhood architectural control committee. Or, Ms. Brazil will engage one of the notable Ensemble designers to translate their vision into plans for a custom-built home. Whichever route to aesthetic excellence is chosen, the result is a one-of-a-kind home like "The Rosberg Rustication".

For information on the Ensemble design and building collaboration, contact Cindy Brazil at 817/805-3822.

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