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An Ensemble Home by Any Other Name Is Not the Same

  Builder Burke Barclay collaborated with Birmingham designer David Haley and Cindy Brazil of the David Bagwell Company to create The John Bartram, a Colonial Revival style Ensemble home.

Every home created by David Bagwell Company’s Ensemble collaborative is unique. Unlike tract homes and many of today’s luxury homes, each is given a name apropos to its qualities and individual personality. The latest in this series of exemplary luxury homes being created for Bagwell’s Colleyville neighborhoods through the combined efforts of like-minded residential professionals is The John Bartram.

“Named for the father of American botany, The John Bartram is a Colonial Revival style luxury home which builder Burke Barclay, my associate Cindy Brazil, and designer David Haley collaborated to create,” Bagwell explains. “Its contemporary floor plan fits comfortably within an architectural motif beloved by Americans for more than three centuries. It will feature four bedrooms; three living areas; and an additional room that may be used as a fifth bedroom, an exercise room, or a home office. Barclay’s HB Custom Homes will begin construction of The John Bartram home this July in our Old Grove neighborhood.”

Homebuyers and speculative builders, like HB Custom Homes, may select from Ensemble home designs, landscape plans, and specifications pre-approved by the neighborhood architectural control committee. Or, they may have Cindy Brazil engage one of the notable Ensemble designers to translate their vision into plans for a custom-built home.

Whichever route to aesthetic excellence is chosen, the result is a one-of-a-kind home further distinguished by a name appropriate to its style. For instance, John Bartram was a Colonial era farmer and gardener, a philosopher on life, religion, and nature; a traveler and explorer; and a collector, identifier, and purveyor of plants. For many years, his garden was considered the largest and best collection of trees in America.

John Bartram’s circle of friends included Benjamin Franklin, for whom he named a lovely tree that he discovered along the Altahama River in Georgia on an expedition in 1765. No longer found growing in the wild, the rare Franklinia altahama has fragrant camellia-like white flowers produced for more than a month in late summer followed in the fall by rich red leaf color. At maturity, the Franklin Tree ranges from ten to twenty feet tall. Several will grace the landscape of The John Bartram home in Old Grove, contributing further distinction, individuality and depth of meaning to this beautiful home.

“Colonial American architecture has proportion, scale, elegant materials, and exquisite carpentered details that are lacking in today’s ‘muscle houses’,” Bagwell asserts. “The John Bartram is destined to be a much admired example of fine homebuilding enriched by an elaborate landscape setting that we provide each Ensemble home. What’s more, it is but one of the many inimitable Ensemble home designs currently being developed. Together these original works of art will continue to bestow our neighborhoods with aesthetic character and a perceptible Sense of Place.”

For more information on the Ensemble design and building collaboration in David Bagwell Company neighborhoods, contact Cindy Brazil at 817/805-3822.

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