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Ensemble Harmonizes Fine Homes for an Appreciative Audience

  "Villa Symmetria”, a unique Ensemble design by Birmingham, Alabama designer David Haley, will soon begin construction in Old Grove.

Developer David Bagwell believes that aesthetic excellence is within the reach of everyone in today’s luxury home market. He makes this possible through an Ensemble of designers and fine home builders attracted to pursue their craft in his six Colleyville neighborhoods.

Bagwell seeks to provide each neighborhood with an endearing Sense of Place through timeless architecture, exceptional craftsmanship, rich landscaping, and “Neighborhood Identifying Features”.

Homebuyers may select pre-designed Ensemble homes or have Bagwell colleague Cindy Brazil lead them through the process of having an Ensemble designer create a unique home plan for them. Working with a select group of designers and an approved builder, Ms. Brazil assists the would-be owner in translating their wishes to paper. Earnest money holds the lot of their choice, but it is refundable if the design process does not meet their expectations. Buyers pay only a nominal design fee to receive a full set of architectural control committee-approved house and landscape plans, as well as approval of all exterior materials and fixtures.

Ms. Brazil says of the Ensemble process, “Most buyers today are not interested in the muscle houses that many designers and builders still turn out. There’s a return to refinement in design and building that never goes out of style. Our Ensemble approach results in homes that stand the test of time.”

Discerning homeowners have seized the opportunity to work with Bagwell’s architects and designers from Southlake, Dallas, Cleveland, and Birmingham. Homebuilders looking for a more pleasing aesthetic outcome and greater value are joining the Ensemble Builders Guild and collaborating with Ms. Brazil and the Ensemble designers on plans they may build and offer for sale in Bagwell’s neighborhoods.

Ms. Brazil is presently working with five different homebuyers to develop house and landscape plans and appropriate exterior materials and fixtures. She also has six builders who are developing Ensemble plans for homes they will offer for sale. Among them is an Old Grove builder who is about to begin a four-bedroom Italian Renaissance home on Hawks Ridge in Old Grove. It will be adjacent to a Tudor Revival style home nearing completion. Nearby on Hawks Ridge, Burke Barclay of HB Custom Homes will be breaking ground next month on a Colonial Revival style house, while builder David Dellechaiae is already underway on a French Eclectic style house being built to suit for a family just down the street.

Of this activity, Bagwell says, “People are generous with their praise of our neighborhoods. I am quick to attribute what they admire to the collaborative successes of like-minded professionals whose designs, craftsmanship, and landscaping result in the enriching neighborhood environments we offer. We are very gratified that our new ‘user friendly’ Ensemble approach to fine homes is being embraced by those who share our vision.”

For more information on the Ensemble design and building collaboration and David Bagwell Company neighborhoods, please contact Cindy Brazil at 817/805-6822.

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