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Boasting The Country’s Five Healthiest Housing Markets, The Future Looks Big And Bright In Texas

  Based on Builder magazine and Hanley Woods Market Intelligence February 2009 report.

According to Builder magazine and Hanley Woods Market Intelligence, the top five “healthiest housing markets” in the U.S. are all in the Lone Star State. Our local markets fared well with Dallas ranking number five and Fort Worth coming in at number three. San Antonio and Austin ranked fourth and second respectively, while Houston claimed the top spot as reported by the self-proclaimed information source for the home building industry in February.

These encouraging rankings were complied through the careful analysis of the top 75 housing marketing across the country. Builder magazine and its research team first considered two longstanding drivers of housing demand, population trends and job growth. Then scrutinized telltale home prices and, perhaps the most accurate ongoing indicator of builder confidence, the number of new building permits. Based on these metrics, they arrived at a composite score for each market.

So what’s can we glean for this welcome, positive news? For starters, take solace in the fact that things are just better in Texas than in the rest if the country. A point that Texans have been telling folks from other parts of country since Sam Houston’s time. While housing markets in California, Florida and Michigan dominated the bottom of Builder magazine’s rankings, prospective buyers should note that quietly, gradually Texas housing markets are improving, and that now is the time to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

In Colleyville, that window of opportunity may be narrower that most due to its desirable location, excellent schools, enviable quality of life and, most importantly, scarcity of desirable lots. Inevitability, prices will go up as availability decreases and consumer confidence rebounds. But great deals are to be had at the moment with building costs as low as they’ve been in recent memory.

What’s more, lower cost isn’t the only reason to act now. Better quality and more responsiveness from builders also make it an attractive time to build. Top-shelf sub-contractors, whose impact on construction quality are often over looked, are now available and eager to validate their priority in the eyes of builders and their clients.

In short, there’s a silver lining to the country’s housing crisis, especially if you live in Texas. So get out there and mine it.

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