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Spirit of Johnny Appleseed Attends Class at Colleyville Middle School

  David Bagwell, Student Council sponsor and teacher Emily Allen, and Colleyville Middle School students plant one of three Autumn Blaze maples.

On Arbor Day, April 25, 2008, John Chapman, better known as the altruistic American icon Johnny Appleseed, attended 7th period classes at Colleyville Middle School, at least in spirit. Beforehand, the Colleyville Middle School Student Council observed the day by planting three large Autumn Blaze maple trees on the campus of the school.

Student Council members also distributed 800 seedlings at the end of the school day, one to each student and faculty member for planting in support of the environmental and aesthetic goals of Arbor Day, observed nationally each year on the last Friday in April.

According to the website of the Arbor Day Foundation, “Trees around a home can increase value up to 15% or more. The trees a person plants remove CO2 from the air and help fight global warming. They produce oxygen and give songbirds a home.”

Local developer, David Bagwell, contributed plant materials and support for the environmentally conscious event. Bagwell says of the Student Council’s efforts, “The leaders of Colleyville Middle School recognize the benefits of ‘thinking globally and acting locally.’ As a child, John Chapman learned to love trees when, as a boy, his father apprenticed him to a man with apple orchards. The rest is history, although the popular image of Johnny Appleseed wandering about scattering apple seeds wherever he went is wrong. Rather than aimlessly casting seed, he went about intentionally establishing nurseries in joint venture with local farmers who in time sold mature apples trees to others engaged in agriculture.

“Just as John Chapman learned as a child, so are the young people of Colleyville Middle School being taught the value of trees. Who knows in what ways they will put what they learned on Arbor Day to good use?”

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