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Super Natural Neighborhoods Will Cast a Spell on You


Turn into any of the six David Bagwell Company neighborhoods in Colleyville and experience the enchantment of Nature suffused with sight, sound and smell.

Florabundance and fragrance delight the senses. The grounds of homes punctuated with stately trees inspire admiration. Birds chirp, squirrels scamper, and bunnies abound to the joy of young and old alike.

It's no accident, but it's not achieved in isolation. "God helps those who help themselves," Ben Franklin said. In neighborhoods of the David Bagwell Company, like-minded people are doing just that.

"The soils and climate of the Eastern Cross Timbers encourage almost every kind of plant native to temperate zones of North America," Bagwell says. "That's why Colleyville enjoys such an enriched environment. We've made it our work to enrich it all the more."

The signature aspect of Bagwell's neighborhoods are tree-lined streets, with some communities more formal and other less. "We've been counseled to limit the variety of our tree planting to better mimic Mother Nature," Bagwell explains. "She plants in drifts and is sparing of species, so even untrained observers get the proportion and pattern of her handiwork.

"It's nearly impossible to provide the preponderant post oak of the Eastern Cross Timbers for people to plant on their property. So, we bestow what's second best - overcup oak, white oak, and bluff oak, among others that look like their cousin the post oak but aren't so finicky about being dug and transplanted. Trouble with these trees is that they aren't readily available from the local landscape trade, which caters to the more common alkaline prairie soils of Fort Worth and Dallas. So, we bring in our local look-alike trees from Georgia, Florida and Alabama, where the soil is acid like we have in the Eastern Cross Timbers, and plant them at no extra charge for people in their yards and throughout our common areas."

When it comes to the super natural enchantment of David Bagwell Company neighborhoods, seeing is believing. Those looking to buy or build a new home are invited to move in right next to Mother Nature, who can be seen at work year-round. Call Cindy Brazil for availability, price and terms of lots for sale at 817/805-3822.

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